It is the student's prerogative whether or not to identify her/his disability. It is also the student's responsibility to request an accommodation. Neither you nor the University has the responsibility to provide any accommodation which is not requested. Nonetheless, it is important for you to make known your willingness to provide reasonable accommodations.
The Disability & Assistive Technology Center will require written documentation from a student before accommodations can be made. Documentation will provide information on the student's disability and the accommodations which may be the most appropriate and beneficial to the student. Students, faculty, and staff should be aware that disability documentation is confidential, and disability related information will only be released to those on a need-to-know basis, and with the consent of the student. If faculty, staff, or students are questioning the student's eligibility for services, they should contact the Disability & Assistive Technology Center to address such concerns.

Any information regarding a disability provided to the Disability & Assistive Technology Center for purposes of documenting a disability and making requests for accommodations is considered confidential. Due to a student's right to privacy, faculty members do not have a right to know information which a student shares with the Disability & Assistive Technology Center regarding her/his particular disability. Information about the existence and details of an individual's disability will be shared by the Disability & Assistive Technology Center  on a need-to-know basis only. A student can voluntarily choose to share information regarding her/his disability with a faculty member. If a student does share this information with you, please remember that the information is confidential.