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Thomas Leek


Thomas Leek completed his BA in German Literature and Classical Humanities at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He completed his undergraduate studies while taking part in the Academic Year in Freiburg program through the UW Madison Study Abroad Office. An extra year of study in Freiburg gave Professor Leek the opportunity to prepare for a graduate career at the University of Minnesota in the Germanic Medieval Studies program offered through the Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch. In June of 2009, he defended his dissertation on a set of 13th-century folktales attested in German, French and Latin sources. He has been with the UWSP Department of Foreign Languages since the fall of 2009.

Professor Leek’s research interests include medieval literature, folklore and historical linguistics. He teaches courses in German language, literature and culture.

Associate Professor of German

CCC 104


PhD. - Medieval Germanic Studies
University of Minnesota

B.A. - German Literature and Classical Humanities
University of Wisconsin-Madison