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Melanie Heibler

Hi! I’m Melanie and I graduated from UWSP in 2018. I was born and raised in Stevens Point. When it came time to pick a college, it wasn’t really a question where I would go. I was able to study abroad twice: I spent a semester in London and then a summer touring the European Union. It was during my travels that I realized I wanted to work in Student Affairs. After grad school I spent the last five years living in Chicago, but decided it was time to come home and give back to the school that gave me so much. In my free time I enjoy reading, baking and cooking, cuddling with my cats, and traveling.

Piece of advice:  Get involved on and off campus! Some of my favorite memories from college were spent with the friends I made in my sorority and at my jobs. The community you create while getting involved will be the best support system during AND after you graduate.

What she wanted to be growing up:  A teacher, a pop star, a doctor, an actress, a writer, a travel TV show presenter, a cat sanctuary owner, a baker…just a little bit of everything!

What she enjoys about UWSP:  the big school amenities with the small school feeling.

Favorite place on campus and why:  my favorite place on campus was the sixth floor of the old library—there was a spot in front of a big window that faced the Sundial/NFAC that had plants, a comfy chair, was close to an outlet and no one ever went up there. It was a sad farewell to that spot, BUT I know that the new library will have just as many comfy nooks and crannies for students to use.

First-Year Admissions Counselor

Call 715-346-2441


B.A. in English
UW-Stevens Point

B.A in International studies
UW-Stevens Point

Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis