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Tanner Olson

I’m from the Stevens Point area and graduated from UWSP in 2018. For hobbies, I love to write, read, and am a major movie fan. After graduation, I joined the Peace Corps and taught English in their TEFL program before coming back to work here at UWSP.

Piece of advice: Make time to do things that you enjoy doing. 
What he wanted to be growing up: A screenwriter 
What he enjoys about UWSP: The campus is smaller and easier to traverse than other schools, everything you need is always nearby. This is especially nice in the cold months,

Favorite place on campus and why: The Brewhaus is my favorite place on campus! Great coffee and themed drinks as well as a good place to study.

If you would like to meet with Tanner, schedule a meeting.

First-Year Admissions Counselor

Call or text 715-710-1260


B.S. in English
UW-Stevens Point