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Stephanie Lyon


Stephanie Lyon developed a passion for botany in her early years, in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in eastern Tennessee.  As an undergraduate she took a lot of field ecology classes, worked for the arboretum, and interned with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center studying native orchids and their mycorrhizal fungi. She spent a year researching the pollination ecology of purple cone flower in western Minnesota, and two years doing plant identification, data management, and statistics for ecologists at the University of Minnesota. Lyon earned her doctorate at UW-Madison, studying botany in the Givnish lab, specializing in orchid systematics and ecology. She joined the biology department at UW-Stevens Point where she teaches several botany classes including Vascular Plant Taxonomy and Agrostology and serves as director of the UWSP herbarium and the UWSP tropical conservatory.


  • NSF graduate research fellow, 2008-2012


Tandang, D.N.,  T. Reyes Jr. R.A.A. Bustamante, J.R.C. Callado, E.R. Tadiosa, E.M. Agoo, and S.P. Lyon. (2020) Corybas boholensis (Orchidaceae): A New Jewel Orchid Species from Bohol Island, Central Visayas, Philippines. Phytotaxa 477 (2): 261-268.

Tandang, D.N, R.A.A. Bustamante, U. Ferreras, A.S. Hadsall, S.P. Lyon and A.S. Robinson. (2020) Corybas circinatus (Orchidaceae), a new species from Palawan, the Philippines. Phytotaxa 446 (2):135-140.

 “Next generation species delimitation and phylogeography of a recently radiated clade of Australian Corybas” International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen, China, July 25, 2017

Lyon, S.P. (2016) Six new species of New Guinea Corybas. Malesian Orchid Journal 18: 85–103.

Givnish, T.J., D. Spalink, D., M. Ames, S.P. Lyon, S.J. Hunter, A. Zuluaga, A. Doucette, G.G. Caro, J. McDaniel, M.A. Clements, M.T.K. Arroyo, L. Endara, R. Kriebel, N.H.  Williams, and K.M. Cameron. (2016) Orchid historical biogeography, diversification, Antarctica and the paradox of orchid dispersal. Journal of Biogeography 43(10): 1893-2084.

“Phylogeny, morphological evolution, and biogeography of the orchid subtribe Acianthinae.” Botanical Society of America conference, Boise, ID, July 29. 2014

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Associate Professor
Tropical Conservatory Director, Curator of Botanical Collections
Herbarium Director

CBB 212


Ph.D. - Botany
University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A.- Biology, concentration in Environmental Studies
Carleton College


Ecology of the Big Island
Vacular Plant Taxonomy
Senior Seminar in Pollination Ecology