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Sinan Kanbir



Sinan Kanbir received his Ph.D. from Illinois State University in mathematics education. He received a master’s degree in computer and educational technology and his bachelor’s degree in mathematics education. Prior to his appointment at UW-Stevens Point, he spent several years teaching math at the middle and high school levels, and university level courses for prospective middle and elementary school teachers.

At UWSP, he teaches elementary and middle school mathematics preservice teacher courses. His main research interests include the development of students’ and teachers’ algebraic reasoning, particularly in the elementary and middle grades, and the development of pre-service teachers’ and in –service teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. He is also an ambassador for the Global Math Project which aims to engage students and teachers around the world in thinking and talking about mathematics.


Ellerton, N. F., Kanbir, S., & Clements, M. A. (2017). Historical perspectives on the purposes of school algebra. In A. Downton, S. Livy & J. Hall (Eds.), 40 years on: We are still learning: Proceedings of the 40th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia  (pp. 221–228).  Melbourne, Australia: Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia.

Kanbir, S. Gogoel, K., Clements, K., & Ellerton, N. (2018). Title: Order of operation the importance of fostering holistic thinking. Vinculum

Sahin, N. & Kanbir, S. ( 2018,February). Examining Pre-service Teachers’ Development of Numerical Reasoning. Annual meeting of the Research Council for Mathematics Learning Conference, Baton Rouge, LA.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

SCI D357


Ph.D. - Math Education
Illinois State University


Intermediate Algebra
Fundamental Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Teachers I
Mathematics for Middle School II