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Shelli Dubay


Shelli Dubay is a professor of Wildlife in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Shelli instructs courses in Wildlife Techniques, Captive Wildlife Management, and Wildlife Diseases. In addition, Shelli is active in the Wildlife Disease Association. Shelli has experience with state wildlife agencies including the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Experience and Interests

Teaching Experience

I began at UWSP in 2005 and have taught Wildlife Diseases (my favorite class), Wildlife Techniques, Introduction to Fisheries, Forestry, and Wildlife, Captive Wildlife Techniques, Captive Wildlife Management.

Research Experience

I am a wildlife ecologist interested in disease epizootiology and physiological ecology. As morbid as it sounds, I  have always been fascinated by mortality and diseases in free-ranging wildlife, and working with wildlife in a Lyme Disease lab as an undergraduate reinforced my interest in wildlife health. Previous research has focused on parasites of red-shouldered hawks, diseases shared between livestock and white-tailed deer, nest success of Sandhill and Whooping cranes, and colt survival for Sandhill and Whooping cranes.  

Professional Experience

  • Research Biologist, Arizona Game and Fish Department
  • Wildlife Biologist, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Professional Memberships

  • Student Activities Committee for the Wildlife Disease Association

Select Research and Presentations

  • *Dubay, S. A., N. Golden, C. Jacques, B. Kern, T. VanDeelen, and D. Patnayak. (In preparation). Seroprevalence of selected livestock pathogens in white-tailed deer
  • *Dubay, S. A.,  M. Buchholz, T. Huspeni, R. Lisiecki, T. Ginnett, L. Haen, and P. Borsdorf. (In review). Prevalence and intensity of nematode parasites in ermine in Wisconsin. Journal of Parasitology.
  • Cyr, A., S. Dubay, J. Langenberg, and R. Maes. (In revision). Efficacy of Nobuto strips for distemper and parvovirus serosurveillance in coyotes (Canis latrans) and raccoons (Procyon lotor) in southern Wisconsin (USA). Journal of Wildlife Diseases.
  • *Samson, A. S. Dubay, T. Huspeni, and A. Cyr. 2012. Influence of environmental variables on Baylisascaris procyonis infection in raccoons. Journal of Parasitology 98: 1279-1282.
  • King, J. A., S. A. Dubay, and J. Woodford. 2011. Distribution and nest site selection of red-shouldered hawks (Buteo lineatus) in forests of northeastern Wisconsin (USA). Forest Ecology and Management 261: 169 – 177.
  • King, J. A., S. A. Dubay, T. C. Huspeni, A. R. VanLanen, and R. W. Gerhold. 2010. Parasite infections in nestling red-shouldered hawks (Buteo lineatus) in northeast Wisconsin, USA.  Journal of Parasitology 96: 525-530.
Shelli Dubay
Professor of Wildlife
Faculty Adviser for the Wildlife Society Gray and Flying Squirrel Projects

325 Trainer Natural Resources


Ph.D. Zoology and Physiology
University of Wyoming, Department of Zoology and Physiology, Laramie, WY

M.S. Pathobiology
University of Wyoming, Department of Veterinary Science, Laramie, WY

B.A. Environmental Science
College at Purchase, Purchase, NY