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Sarah Ashley

Hello everyone,
My name is Sarah Ashley (She/Her) and I am a Sophomore Media Studies major with a minor in Arts Management. Fort Thomas Kentucky is where I’m originally from, which is just outside of Cincinnati Ohio, but I have called Stevens Point home for the past eight years. One thing that I tell people about myself, and my time at UWSP, is that I have been involved in several different organizations in some capacity, which has given me multiple valuable experiences that translate into my current position and life as a whole. The UWSP Student Government Association is one of the organizations that I have been proud to be a part of as a COFAC Senator in the past and I look forward to serving the student body in a larger capacity with my new executive role. I’m excited to bring my knowledge with past event planning into my current position to grow Pointers after Dark programming, with new and exciting ideas, and other events throughout the year.
Student Engagement Director
She, Her, Hers

DUC 052