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Robert Sirabian


Professor Robert Sirabian has been with the UW System since 2002, teaching English and literature courses at UW-Stout before joining the Department of English at UW-Stevens Point in 2004. His primary area of interest is 19th-century British literature, namely the Victorian Period. Visit his personal website here. Sirabian has given multiple presentations before the International Congress on Medieval Studies and Modern Language Association, among others.

His current research uses play theory to read the novels of Charles Dickens as well as literature from other periods and cultures.  Additional research areas include nineteenth- and twentieth-century medievalisms, sports and literature, and Armenian-American literature. View CV


  • UW-Stevens Point University Service Award (2022)


Romance Games: Gender and Play in Nicholas Nickleby and The Old Curiosity Shop. Dickens and Women ReObserved. Edward Guiliano, ed. Brighton, Great Britain: Edward
Everett Root Co. Ltd. (Forthcoming March 2020)

Sirabian, Robert. (2017). “The Illusion of Game Playing in Oliver Twist.” The College English Association Critic. Johns Hopkins University Press. Vol. 79:1, 38-57.

Sirabian, Robert. “The Conception of Science in Wells’s The Invisible Man.” in H. G. Wells: Bloom’s Modern Critical Views,  ed. Harold Bloom.  Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2005. 81-97. Reprint

Sirabian, Robert. Charles Dickens:  Life, Work, and Criticism. Toronto:  York Press, 2002. 


  • Dickens Society
  • International Medieval Congress
  • Modern Language Association
  • North American Victorian Studies Association


“Life is made of ever so many partings welded together.” – Charles Dickens

College of Letters and Science Faculty Forum coordinator

CCC 425


Ph.D. - English Literature
Purdue University

M.A. - English Literature
Purdue University

B.A. - English Literature
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


​​British Literature II
English Novel (British)
Major Authors
Reading Fiction
Themes in Literature