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Robert Jadin




Jadin, R.C., S.A. Orlofske, T. Jezkova, C. Blair. Single-locus species delimitation and ecological niche modeling provide insights into the evolution, historical distribution, and demography of the Pacific Chorus Frogs. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.  

Jadin, R.C., S.A. Orlofske, M.J. Jowers, W.E. Duellman, C. Blair, J.C. Murphy. A new vine snake (Reptilia: Squamata: Oxybelis) from Peru and redescription of O. acuminatus. Evolutionary Systematics 5(1): 1-12.

Jadin, R.C., C. Blair, S.A. Orlofske, G.A. Rivas, L.J. Vitt, J.M. Ray, E.N. Smith, M.J. Jowers, J.C. Murphy. Not withering on the evolutionary vine: Systematic revision of New World Vine Snakes. Organisms, Diversity, and Evolution 20:723-746

Jadin, R.C., J.R. Mihaljevic, S.A. Orlofske. Do New World pitvipers ‘scale down’ at high elelvations? Marcoecological patterns of scale characters and body size. Ecology and Evolution 9:9362-9375.
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Curator of Ornithology - UWSP Museum of Natural History

TNR 465


Ph.D. - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado Boulder

M.S. - Biology
University of Texas at Tyler

B.S. - Biology
Northeastern State University


Introduction to Animal Biology
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy