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Becca Jazdzewski

Hi – I’m Becca! Here is a little bit about me… I grew up in Milton, WI (45 minutes south of Madison) but I have also lived in Duluth, MN and most recently Appleton, WI. I love to hammock, but I don’t hammock nearly as often as I’d like to. I enjoy traveling, such as visiting local and national parks as well as visiting family/friends. I have three younger siblings, two Boxers, and my favorite fruit is watermelon!   

Piece of Advice:  Give grace generously. Essentially, assume that other people are trying their best. For example, if someone is driving terribly slow in front of you, consider why. Maybe they are a student driver just learning how to drive safely, maybe they are a new parent and are nervous to drive with a baby in the car; give them some extra grace. I find that giving grace generously allows me to put myself on the same “team” as the other person and to be patient with them and myself.  
What she wanted to be growing up:  I’ve thought about a lot of paths, but I’ve always known I wanted to work in a transition phase, for example: childhood (0-21), young adult (16-25), geriatric (65+), and to help people! As a kiddo and through my undergrad I was thinking about going into healthcare in pediatrics, but along the way I was a student employee with Admissions and fell in love with helping young adults and lifelong learners find the best path for them!  
What she enjoys about UWSP:  I really enjoy the community and the general vibes of campus and the city. Walking across campus and seeing people wandering, smiling, and waving. Driving through the streets of the city and having other cars wave at me and vice versa. Knowing that I have a community that I can lean on for support, and that I can help to support when others need, really helps my sense of purpose and brings me a lot of joy.  
Favorite place on campus and why: My favorite places on campus are the theatres! I especially love the Studio Theatre which is a black box theatre, meaning that the stage and the audience can be moved around to best fit the needs of the show. When the stage or audience configuration changes and is in a non-traditional spot it helps me as an audience member to feel like a part of the production and a part of the theatre community!  

If you would like to meet with Becca, please schedule a meeting.

First-Year Admissions Counselor

Call or text 715-200-9559


B.A. in Biology and Psychology
College of Saint Scholastica