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Peg Hanson

I’m a Stevens Point transplant – moved here reluctantly in the late 70’s with my family and couldn’t imagine my life anywhere else. I am the quintessential mama bear, so be careful how you treat my cubs! If you ask me to do something, expect more than you ask for. I usually give you options along with what you asked for. Relaxing for me is spending time with my family, especially grandkids, preparing family meals and digging in the garden.

Piece of advice: Take advantage of the opportunity to start the next chapter of your story at this unique university. You are surrounded by a caring community both on and off campus.
What she wanted to be growing up: I wanted to be a teacher and, although I didn’t follow that path, I have always had the opportunity through my various jobs to share my experience to train others.
What she enjoys about UWSP: The homey feeling you get when here. Everyone is approachable, willing to answer questions or give directions but most of all making you feel welcome.
Favorite place on campus and why:
I enjoy sitting by the Iris Fountain under the trees. Right behind the Student Services Center so close to the office and the Basement Brewhaus. Relaxing with a book and an iced mocha…. what more could you ask for.


First-Year Processing Specialist