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Palash Banerjee


Palash Banerjee is a physics professor and the principal Investigator in the Applied Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory at UW-Stevens Point. Areas of interest for Professor Banerjee are nanoscale magnetism and techniques for scanning probe microscopy. He has conducted work funded through WSGS/NASA from 2020-2021, coincident counting of cosmic muons on the surface of the earth, with students Isaac Volkman and David Nielsen. In 2018, his research measured the quantum tunneling of electrons across a small gap, with UWSP student Alex Holmes.


Fong, K. C., Herman, M. R., Banerjee, P., Pelekhov, D. V., & Hammel, P. C. (2011). “Spin lifetime in small ensembles of electron spins measured by magnetic resonance force microscopy.” Physical Review. B 84, 220405.

Lee, I., Kim, J., Obukhov, Y., Banerjee, P., Xiang, G., Pelekhov, D. V., Hauser, A., Yang, F., & Hammel, P. C. (2011). “Magnetic force microscopy in the presence of a strong probe field.” Applied Physics Letters. 99, 162514.


Principal Investigator, Applied Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory

SCI B201


Ph.D. - Physics
Boston University

M.S. - Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

B.S. - Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


College Physics II
Engineering Statics
Experimental Physics
Research Participation
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics