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Nick Schultz

I love being a Pointer! First as a student and now as a professional. My wife and I have a son and daughter that we are raising in the city of Wonderful water. We are so happy to be back in the city where we met and fell in love. We truly feel like this is the best place to raise a family. Outside of being a Pointer, I love music and playing guitar, being outside, fishing, hiking,  and kayaking. My wife and I have been to fifteen National Parks together and have plans to visit all of them! Lastly, I am a baseball fanatic. Playing, watching, coaching, it doesn’t matter. Coaching high school baseball is what lead me to know that I would enjoy working as an admissions counselor!

Piece of advice: To those considering, if for any other reason, I consider UWSP the easiest place to settle and transition into in the UW System. For current students, enjoy everyday you have as a Pointer, and take advantage of all we have to offer, because there is truly nothing else like it!
What he wanted to be growing up: Many things! Baseball player, archeologist, fisheries biologist. Turns out I was a little off on all three!
What he enjoys about UWSP: The vibrant and welcoming campus community that has been built. I truly believe anyone, from any background can thrive and be supported here and consider this place a home. This, among many other things, but I assume there is a character limit.
Favorite place on campus and why:
 I would have to say Schmeeckle Reserve! I spent so much time there as a student and now, community member. I have so many great memories attached to the reserve, learning as part of my summer ichthyology class, quiet moments in solitude, studying under my favorite oak, walks with friends, and just having my own slice of nature. Schmeeckle is always there when you need it!

If you would like to meet with Nick, please schedule a meeting.

Graduate Recruitment Specialist

Call or text 715-202-2882


B.S. in Biology and Acquatics
UW-Stevens Point