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Matt Rogge


Matt Rogge joined UW-Stevens Point initially to help lead the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility. He now teaches general biology and microbiology. Rogge is fascinated by the biology behind infectious disease. He is interested in how microbial communities affect aquaculture and aquaponic systems in relation to both fish health and nutrient cycling. Ultimately the knowledge gained from this work can be used to develop effective treatments or preventions (such as vaccines) against the disease.

Rogge remains involved in the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center Technical Committee/Research Subcommittee. When he’s not working, Rogge likes to fish, hunt, do woodworking, and read -mostly about microbiology and World War II.


  • Member of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
  • American Fisheries Society, Wisconsin Chapter member
  • American Fisheries Society Fish Culture Section
  • American Fisheries Society Fish Health Section


Shahin, K., Pirezan, F., Rogge, M., LaFrentz, B., Shrestha, R., Hildebrand, M., Lu, F., HogenEsch, H., and Soto, E. (2020). Development of IglC and GroEL recombinant vaccines for francisellosis in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. Fish and Shellfish Immunology 105:341-349.


When he was growing up, he wanted to be a professional bass angler.

Associate Professor

CBB 345


Postdoctoral Fellow
Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine

Ph.D. - Veterinary Medical Sciences
Louisiana State University School

M.S. - Fisheries Biology
Iowa State University

B.S. - Biology (Chemistry minor)
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Cellular and Molecular Biology
General Biology
General Microbiology