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Lindsay Dresang



Lindsay Dresang is an associate professor in the Department of Biology at UWSP. Her teaching emphasis is in Human Anatomy and a Survey of Human Dissection. Dresang has developed additional coursework in Cancer Biology and Virology. Her research focuses on liver metastasis in an immunocompromised mouse model to explore the pathway similarities of three metastatic cancer cell lines of diverse cellular origin. She is also interested in teaching as research.


  • Metastasis
  • Tumor Virology
  • Teaching as Research


Dresang L. R., Van Scoyk C. A., Kuehn K. J., Tauber T. A., Tondin A. R., Broske M. A., Schreiner C. J. (2022) Comparing transcriptomic profiles from seven cell lines to elucidate liver metastatic potential. Advances in Cancer Biology – Metastasis 4:100018.

Dresang, L. R., Guastafierro, A, Arora, R., Normolle, D., Chang, Y., Moore, P. S. (2013). Merkel Cell Polyomavirus-Positive Merkel Cell Carcinoma Mouse Xenografts Respond to YM155 Treatment in a Dose, Duration, and Cell Line Dependent Manner. PLoS One 8(11):e80543

Dresang, L. R., Teuton, J. R., Feng, H, Jacobs, J. M., Camp, D. G. 2nd, Purvine, S. O., Gritsenko, M. A., Smith, R. D., Sugden, B., Moore, P. S., Chang, Y. (2011). Coupled Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis of Human Lymphotropic Tumor Viruses: Insights on the Detection and Discovery of Viral Genes. BMC Genomics 12(625).

Dresang, L. R., Vereide, D. T., Sugden, B. (2009). Identifying Sites Bound by Epstein Barr Nuclear Antigen 1 (EBNA1) in the Human Genome: Defining a Position-Weighted Matrix to Predict Sites Bound by EBNA1 in Viral Genomes. J Virol 83(7):2930-2940.


UW-Stevens Point University Award for Excellence in Teaching – 2024


  • American Association for Anatomy
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Society
  • Faculty of 1000 Prime, Peer Reviewer
  • Gamma Sigma Delta, Honor Society in Agricultural Sciences
  • Phi Theta Cappa, Two-year Colleges Honor Society


“The man who touched his own heart” by Rob Dunn

Associate Professor

CBB 313


Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Ph.D. - Cancer Biology
University of Wisconsin–Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health

B.S. - Natural Sciences, Genetics
University of Wisconsin–Madison, College of Agricultural Sciences B.S. in Natural Sciences, Genetics


General Biology (Lab Instructor)
Introduction to Animal Biology
Essentials of Human Anatomy
Cancer Biology
Animal Physiology (Lab Instructor)
Human Anatomy
Research in Molecular & Cellular Biology
Survey of Human Dissection
Senior Seminar
Human Physiology (Lab Instructor)
Cell and Molecular Biology
Functional Anatomy I