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Keith Turnquist


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point has been a home to Keith Turnquist as a student, researcher, occasional instructor, building manager, and now as program manager for the Wisconsin Forestry Center (WFC). Learn about the work of the center here. The WFC works closely with faculty and instructors in the forestry discipline in the College of Natural Resources.

As a former researcher in conservation genetics, he refined skills in genetics/genomics to address questions related to fishery management.  He relishes time outdoors, hunting and fishing, when away from the university.


Turnquist, K., Larson, W. A., Farrell, J. M., Hanchin, P. A., Kapuscinski, K. L., Miller, L. M., Scribner, K. T., Wilson, C.C., and Sloss, B. L. (2017). Spatial Genetic Structure of Muskellunge in the Great Lakes Region and the Effects of Supplementation on Genetic Integrity of Remnant Stocks. Journal of Great Lakes Research. Vol. 43: 6, 1141-1152.

Turnquist, K., Werner, L., & Sloss, B. (2016). An examination of soil microbial communities and litter decomposition in five urban land-uses in metropolitan Milwaukee, WI. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. 42(1): 58–68.

Workforce Development Program Manager

301 Trainer Natural Resources


M.S. - Natural Resources/ Forestry
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

B.S. - Urban Forestry
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point