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Julie Playl


Julie Playl grew up in San Francisco with books stuffed in her backpack and pens always in hand. Julie holds a BFA in Print Media, Letterpress, Paper, and Book Arts from Memphis College of Art, and a MA & MFA in Print Media, Letterpress, Paper, and Book Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She can be found in her studio with her Vandercook (loving named Vlad) and her various food-named pets or just as equally — deep in paper pulp, bound up in books, and covered in clay.

Julie teaches and lectures in printmaking, letterpress, and book arts in addition to attending residencies and workshops. She has shown work both stateside and internationally; from shows at North/South Gallery in Oakland, CA, Marshal Arts in Memphis, TN, The Overture Center in Madison, WI, and the SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy.

As an artist, Julie forms the foundation of her work from what is inwardly experienced daily, often the mundane; a product of anxiety balanced by ways of finding control as well as comfort in sound, texture, shape, and repetition. Drawing on these perceptions, Julie creates introspective works to evoke in the viewer foreign emotions ranging from physical, emotional, and sensory often felt by the marginalized population experiencing foreign cognitive actualities.

Julie Playl
Lecturer - Art

184 Noel Fine Arts Center


MFA/MA - Print Media, Letterpress, Paper, and Book Arts

BFA - Print Media
Memphis College of art