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Jody Lewis


Professor Jody Lewis joined the UW-Stevens Point Department of Psychology after earning her doctorate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her primary research interests are biological psychology (specifically evolution), learning, and cognition. Lewis has conducted research in animal and human behavior, anthrozoology (human-animal interactions), evolutionary psychology, and research in higher education (including the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning). She serves as department chair.


Lewis, J. L. (2015).  A comparison between two different activities for teaching learning principles: Virtual animal labs versus human demonstrations. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 1(2), 182-188.

Lewis, J.L. & Kamil, A.C., Webbink, K.E. (2013). Changing room cues reduces the effects of proactive interference in Clark’s nutcrackers, Nucifraga columbiana. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 39, 187-192.

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Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology Chair

SCI D233


University of Nebraska -Lincoln

B.A. - Psychology
University of Maine at Farmington


Introduction to Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology