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James Lawrence


Jim Lawrence began his research work as a senior fellow at the Mayo Foundation. He joined the Department of Chemistry at UW-Stevens Point in 2006. Lawrence said he never met a group of people more dedicated to student success than the UWSP Chemistry Department. His department provides research opportunities for dozens of undergraduate students every year. Professor Lawrence is the current faculty advisor of the Biochemistry Club. View CV.


  • National Science Foundation Science Foundation Grant, “Post-Doctoral Fellows and Building Networks of Community Colleges and 4-year Institutions Science Faculty” (2017)
  • National Institute of Health (R15) Award (2008)


Rodriguez M, Moreau P, Paulik M, Lawrence J, Morré D. J., Morre D. M. (1992). NADH-activated cell-free transfer between Golgi apparatus and plasma membranes of rat liver. Biochim Biophys Acta 1107:131-138.

Bruno M, Brightman A, Lawrence J, Werderitsh D, Morré D.M., Morré D. J. (1992). Stimulation of NADH oxidase activity from rat liver plasma membranes by growth factors and hormones is decreased or absent with hepatoma plasma membranes. Biochem J 284:625-628.

Morré D. J., Davidson M, Geilen C, Lawrence J, Flesher G, Crowe R, Crane F. (1993). NADH oxidase activity of rat liver plasma membrane activated by guanine nucleotides. Biochem J 292:647-653.


  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Educational fellow (2018-present)
  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Student Chapters, Regional director (2008-2018)


It’s not important how you do science, it’s important why you do science.


CBB 410


Ph.D. - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Purdue University

B.S. - Chemistry
Bemidji State University


Biochemistry II
Elementary Biochemistry
Fundamental Chemistry