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Edwin Herman


Professor Edwin Herman earned his Ph.D. in mathematics and began teaching at Portland State University. He began teaching in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UW-Stevens Point in 2002. Professor Herman said the thing that stands out most about teaching at UWSP is collegiality between the faculty members and their desire to help students succeed.


  • Analysis
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Mathematical biology


Strang, G. and Herman, E. (2016). Calculus, Volumes 1, 2 & 3. OpenStax Publishing. 2016

Don’t get discouraged if it seems too hard or confusing at times. Everything in life that’s worthwhile has moments like that. The trick is to not give up, not submit to the inner voices that tell you you’re not good enough, to just work at it a little more until you finally “get it” – the reward is worth the effort. Math is about everything – it’s in everything, so learning mathematics is sort of like learning the secrets to how the world works. With math, you can do anything.
-Edwin Herman


Don’t waste time being bitter about things that could have been, instead, find what is good about the things that are.

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SCI D287


Ph.D. - Mathematics
University of Oregon​​

M.A. - Mathematics
University of California at Los Angeles

B.S. - Mathematics
Harvey Mudd College


Calculus I
Differential Equations
Intermediate Linear Algebra
Introduction to Proof
Mathematical Analysis
Mathematics for the Social and Management Sciences
Pre-Calculus Algebra