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David Tamres


Associate Professor Emeritus David Tamres returns to UW-Stevens Point as a senior lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Tamres served as department chair from 1999-2001.



The Physics of Musical Instruments. Co-presented (with Art Stevenson) at the Waupaca Area Public Library as part of the Winchester Academy Lecture Series, Oct. 2019, Waupaca, WI.

How Time Became Elastic. Presented at the Semiotic Society of America national meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 2009.

Coletta, W. J., and Tamres, D. H., (1992).”Robert Frost and the Poetry of Physics,” The Physics Teacher 30, 360.

Smith, D. F., Chambe, G., Henoux, J.-C., and Tamres, D., (1990). “Coronal Proton Transport in the Presence of Alfven Waves and Implications for Impact Line Linear Polarization,” Astrophysical Journal 358, 674.

Henoux, J.-C, Chambe, G., Smith, D., Tamres, D., Feautrier, N., Rovira, M., and Sahal-Brechot, S., (1990). “Impact Line Linear Polarization as a Diagnostic of 100 keV Proton Acceleration in Solar Flares,” Astrophysical Supplement Series 73, 303.


  • Donald E. Billings Award in Astro-Geophysics (1990)


  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
  • Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers (WAPT)
  • Honorary Membership in Phi Mu Alpha (FMA)
Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Associate Professor Emeritus, Physics and Astronomy

SCI B215


Ph.D. - Physics
University of California-San Diego

M.S. - Physics
University of Michigan

B.S. - Astronomy and Physics
Yale University


Advanced Mechanics
Computational Physics
Introduction to Astronomy
Stars and Stellar Systems
Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
The Solar System