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David Szpunar


  • Photodissociation dynamics
  • Reaction dynamics 


  • NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Research Infrastructure Award 2021-2022


Parsons, B. F., Szpunar, D. E., (2020). Investigation of O2-X (X = Pyrrole or Pyridine) Cluster Photodissociation Near 226 nm. Journal of Physical Chemistry. 124, 10152-10161.

Womack, C.C., Booth, R., Brynteson, M., Butler, L.J., & Szpunar, D. E., (2011). Characterizing the Ro-vibrational Distribution of CD2CD2OH Radicals Produced via the Photodissociation of d4-2-Bromethanol, Journal of Physical Chemistry. 115 14559-14569.

Alligood, B. W., Fitzpatrick, B. L., Szpunar, D. E., and Butler, L. J., (2011). Chloroacetone Photodissociation at 193 nm and the Subsequent Dynamics of the CH3C(O)CH2 Radical—An Intermediate Formed in the OH + Allene Reaction en Route to CH3 + Ketene. Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 134, Issue 5, 054301

I am proud of the experiences that we provide students at UWSP, whether that is in the classroom or in a research laboratory. We have a dedicated and caring faculty and staff that are here for the students.
-David Szpunar  


  • Central Wisconsin Section of the American Chemical Society, chair elect (2021 & 2019)  
Associate Professor

CBB 406


Postdoctoral Researcher
University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. - Physical Chemistry
University of Chicago

B.S. - Chemistry
Wayne State University


Fundamental Chemistry
Physical Chemistry - Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy