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Daniel Graf


Daniel Graf joined the Department of Biology at UW-Stevens Point in 2012. His teaching and research interests involve freshwater malacology, bivalve systematics, the methodology of the phylogenetic systematics, and biodiversity informatics. His Ph.D. dissertation was “A Phylogenetic Perspective on the Evolution of the Unionoida (Mollusca Bivalvia Palaeoheterodonta): Using Pattern to Test Hypotheses of Macroevolutionary Process.”

For the last few years, Graf has focused on tropical freshwater mollusks, especially the freshwater bivalves of Africa, and the post-glacial distributions of freshwater mussels in North America. Graf manages the online MUSSEL project funded by the National Science Foundation, a searchable database of freshwater mussels of the world. In addition he has gathered an online freshwater invertebrates of Wisconsin website at


Graf, D.L. and Cummings, K.S. (2021). “A ‘big data’ approach to global freshwater mussel diversity (Bivalvia: Unionoida), with an updated checklist of genera and species. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 87(1): eyaa034.

Pfeiffer, J. M., Graf, D. L., Cummings, K. S., & Page, L. M. (2018). “Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic revision of two enigmatic freshwater mussel genera (Bivalvia: Unionidae incertae sedis: Harmandia and Unionetta) reveals a diverse clade of southeast Asian Parreysiinae.” Journal of Molluscan Studies. 84: 404-416


  • Freshwater Mollusk Biology and Conservation, Editorial board (2011-present)
  • IUCN SCC Mollusca Specialist Group, Member (2009-present)
  • Journal of Molluscan Studies, Associate editor (2007-present)


Don’t believe everything you think.

Professor of Biology

CBB 344


Ph.D. - Biology
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

M.S. - Biology
Northeastern University

B.S. - Biology
University of Minnesota


Aquatic Invertebrate Zoology
Ecology and Evolution
Introduction to Animal Biology
Principles of Evolution
Principles of Genetics