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Cheryl Kawleski

I was born and raised in Stevens Point, so attending UWSP all those years ago was an easy choice to make. I was prepared to embark on a teaching career, but one thing led to another as opportunities arose in the admissions realm, and here I still am, involved in education in a different way. Away from work, I enjoy drama, spoiling my cats and studying French history and have numerous other hobbies and interests ranging from photographing old buildings to collecting LP’s from the era of Space Age Pop music.

Piece of advice: Goals are important, but don’t be afraid to take some time along the way to enjoy some of the many non-major related activities available at UWSP. If you like theatre and music, for instance, attend drama productions and concerts. They’re fabulous! And who knows, these things might end up having as big an influence on your future life and career as your major. 
What she wanted to be growing up: A teacher or a doctor. I don’t think little kids really know about college admissions work!
What she enjoys about UWSP: Growing up in Stevens Point, UWSP was a part of my life in many ways even before I was a student and eventually an employee. I really enjoy the way UWSP doesn’t just physically exist in Stevens Point, but is a lively and active participant in so many aspects of the community.
Favorite place on campus and why:
The Noel Fine Arts Center and all that goes on there.

Transfer Processing Specialist


B.A. in English and French