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Chad Johnson


Computing and New Media Technologies is full of dedicated individuals that always do everything we can to give students every opportunity to succeed. We aren’t afraid of innovation, creative solutions, or hard work. In my teaching, I enjoy exploring computer criminology, cybersecurity networking and information assurance. My research interests are in authorship attribution, cyber-crime, cyber-ethics, and digital behavioral analysis.

On campus, I’m involved with STEAMPoint Day for Boys/Girls and College Days for Kids.


  • American Association of Forensic Scientists
  • Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence
  • Wisconsin Association of Certified Computer Investigator

We are at a critical juncture where the next generation
of leaders will make decisions that shape the way humans interact with technology in the next great age of humanity.
We need those people to be competent, informed, and armed with the wisdom to make those decisions in a way that
doesn’t just benefit employers, but society. That journey
could begin here, at UWSP.



Aquila non capit muscas. Translated meaning – don’t sweat the small things!

Assistant Professor, Computing and New Media Technologies

SCI B231


Certified Information Security Services Professional, ISC2

Certified Computer Examiner, ISFCE

M.S. - Criminology
University of Wisconsin-Platteville

B.A. - Political Science
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

B.A. - Social Science
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Data Communication and Networks
Introduction to Information Assurance
Network and Enterprise Security Management
Offensive Network Security
Server Administration
Special Topics in IT Infrastructure