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Brian Sloss


Brian Sloss joined UW-Stevens Point in 2002 as assistant unit leader of the Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, a partnership among the U.S. Geological Survey, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and UW-Stevens Point. While with the fishery research unit, he established the college’s Molecular Conservation Genetics Laboratory focused on applied genetic research in fisheries, wildlife, and other resources. The laboratory continues to be a key partner with state, regional, and national agencies in Great Lakes and freshwater fisheries management efforts. In 2014, he became the CNR Associate Dean for Outreach and Extension where he was involved with the management of all outreach and extension activities within the College. He lives with his wife and two sons in Plover, Wisconsin.

Brian Sloss
Dean of the College of Natural Resources
Professor of Fisheries and Water Resources

100 Trainer Natural Resources


Ph.D. Zoology
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

M.S. Biology
Western Illinois University

B.S. Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign