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Brian Barringer


Brian Barringer joined the Department of Biology in 2013. He earned his Ph.D. at Cornell University and his B.S at the University of California, Davis. He teaches a variety of courses across all levels of the biology curriculum. He also serves as the faculty advisor for the Alliance for Nontraditional Students and as co-advisor for the UWSP Botany Club. Students in his lab work on a variety of projects, though most focus in one way or another on the ecology and evolution of plants. More details about his research can be found on his personal website.


  • Plant mating system ecology and evolution
  • Ecological and evolutionary consequences of genome duplication (polyploidy)
  • Life history ecology
  • Adaptation to stressful environments
  • Invasive species and species diversity
  • The ecology of hemp (Cannabis) in Wisconsin


Kluge, N., C. Sartini, B. Sedinger, B.C. Barringer, and S. Hygnstrom. 2022. A comparison of visual survey methods to estimate acorn production: A means of standardizing results. Forest Ecology and Management 520

Barringer, B.C., Koenig, W. D., Pearse, I. S., & Knops, J. M. H. (2020). Population ecology and spatial synchrony in the abundance of leaf gall wasps within and among populations of valley oak (Quercus lobata). Population Ecology 62:220-232.


“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” -Baba Dioum

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Biology

CBB 302A


Ph.D. - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University

B.S. - Evolution and Ecology
University of California-Davis


Ecological Methods
General Ecology
Introduction to Plant Biology
Plant Ecology