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Beverly Wenzel

I am from a small mid-Wisconsin city, Marshfield. I didn’t end up far from my hometown, but I was open to new opportunities which led me to UW-Stevens Point. I enjoy all the seasons of Wisconsin, they each offer a new adventure and time with friends. The most rewarding part of UWSP for me is being here to assist the students with the college process.

Piece of advice: Believe in yourself, and get involved with something.
What she wanted to be growing up: Doctor of Physical Therapy
What she enjoys about UWSP: I enjoy getting to know our students. They become like family and I am proud of their accomplishments, the things they go on to do after graduating from UWSP. I am sad to see them go but excited for their future.
Favorite place on campus and why:
 Dreyfus University Center, because it is always active with students, you can always find people to hang out with, you may even find your new lifetime best friend.
Campus/Community Involvement: UW-Stevens Point Men’s Basketball BackCourt Club

Bev Wenzel
Assistant Director of Admissions

Call 715-346-4144