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Krista Nelsen

I grew up on a small hobby farm while learning to hunt, fish, camp – basically anything outdoors and still enjoy doing to this day. I also grew up traveling and started at a very young age (6 months old), even though many of those were family hunting and fishing trips to Ontario, Canada. My first trip abroad was to Italy and Greece when I was 10 years old, and I actually turned 11 while in Rome. I came to UWSP as a first generation student, studied abroad three times, and now I haven’t left since. I have a myriad of interests that range from reading, hiking, travelling, snowboarding, health, fitness, Greek Mythology, anything medieval, learning a new skill, and even finding a new interest to pursue. A few fun facts about me: I was a dancer for 17 years, I am fluent in Spanish, a beginner in German and Mandarin, I played the French horn, and have been to over 20 countries.

Piece of advice: Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life and get comfortable with being outside your comfort zone.
What she wanted to be growing up: A lawyer
What she enjoys about UWSP: What I love about UWSP is that it truly feels like home, we take sustainability seriously, that we are a nature-loving University and have Schmeeckle Reserve to show it.
Favorite place on campus and why:
My absolute favorite place on campus is the Tropical Conservatory in the Chemistry Biology building. It’s seriously like a mini vacay and feels like I’m in a whole other country.

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International Admissions Counselor

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B.A. in Spanish and B.S. in Math (Actuarial)
UW-Stevens Point