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Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is a bustling city where there’s always something to do and somewhere to go. The diversity and culture of this city is energetic, and keeps the people who both live here, and visit, on their toes. The University of Stevens Point is proud to host many of these events every year. The Dreyfus University Center hosts multiple events, hosted by on campus student organizations and departments, but also by off campus community organizations and businesses. Conferences, banquets, parties, speakers, concerts, weddings, and all other event types frequent the university and other spaces across campus event venue space, keeping our community connected.

If you are looking for your next event space, you will find it here, at UW-Stevens Point. Our multiple and diverse venues offer a wide range of capabilities and accommodations for whatever event needs you might have. From small, intimate gatherings, to parties that go all night long, the Conference and Event Services staff, housed in the Dreyfus University Center, can make your vision a reality.

The Conference and Event Services Department is equipped with event coordinators who are ready to help you plan your next event. Contact Conference and Event Services today!

Some examples services that we offer at UWSP include:

Event Spaces – Dreyfus University Center



at the DUC

Book an Event

Corporate Events, Private Parties, and Conferences

at the DUC

Book an Event

Smaller Meeting Rooms

at the DUC

Book a Room

Event Space – Across Campus


Overnight Camps and Conferences


Explore Camps

Outdoor and Athletic Spaces


Explore Outdoor Spaces

Classroom and Additional Spaces


Find Spaces

Event Planning Resources

Interested in hosting an event with UW Stevens Point, but not sure where to start? Explore our event planning resources linked below!

Additional Event Services

University Centers

Event Technical Services

Audio-Visual Technology

UC Event Technical Services is a student-operated department specializing in- live event production and technology support. Our professionally trained student staff provides the latest technology in lighting, live sound reinforcement, and projection systems.

We’re here to provide audio-visual support for your event on campus.

On Point


On Point Catering is a full-service caterer that can provide all ranges of event service from basic continental breakfasts to multi-course formal dinners.

We deliver a high level of professional service and food quality for any of your catering needs.

We also pride ourselves in being able to personalize your event through custom menus, special décor and use of local foods.

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Reservation Policies

in the DUC and Across Campus

Entire Building Requests:  During the academic year, no one group is allowed to reserve the entire Dreyfus University Center. Two large rooms and two small rooms will be kept open to other groups until 2 weeks prior to the event date. Any rooms not reserved by another group can then be reserved for the large event.


All academic class sessions must take place in an academic, GPR-funded building, not in the University Centers. One exception per semester will be made for a class to have a guest speaker, or class party, etc.

The Dreyfus University Centers’ concourse tables, including the Pergola near the main entrance, and banner spaces are reserved through the Conference and Event Services office. The following guidelines must be followed for all internal concourse reservations:

  1. A member or the organization or department must be present at the table throughout the entire reserved time.
  2. Any student organizations reserving space for sales purposes must apply for a sales registration permit from the Campus Activities and Student Engagement office. All campus departments must follow all cash handling rules as directed by the UWSP Controller. If food or beverages are a part of the sale, a food waiver must be obtained from Catering Services. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to see that all approvals have been received PRIOR to any sales taking place.
  3. An organization is limited to only one table per reservation date.
  4. An organization may have a reservation for a maximum of five consecutive days, excluding Saturday and Sunday. A new reservation may not be made until the last day of a/the current reservation.
  5. If a group is more than an hour late to their reservation and has not contacted Conference and Event Services to extend their reservation, their table/space may be reassigned to another organization or department looking for space.
  6. The University Centers is not responsible for posters, banners, or printed materials left in the concourse area.
  7. Individuals staffing a concourse table must remain behind the designated table (as outlined by the purple carpet in the DUC) and are not allowed to approach individuals walking through the concourse.

This policy will be posted in the concourse spaces and sent to individuals reserving these spaces.

The Dreyfus University Centers’ concourse tables, including the Pergola near the main entrance, and banner spaces are reserved through the Conference and Event Services office. The following guidelines must be followed for all external concourse reservations:

    1. Concourse tables can be rented for $75 per day per table within building hours.
    2. The University Centers reserves the right to screen all material for content and appropriateness to ensure compliance with UW-Stevens Point Discrimination and Harassment Policy, and UW-Stevens Point Alcohol Policy. Promoting any event or activity where alcohol will be present will not be permitted, except university-sanctioned events, such as sporting events on campus.
    3. Time, place, and manner will be considered prior to approval of contact table use.
    4. Items may not be sold that directly compete with items available in other areas of the Dreyfus University Center. The University Bookstore, US Bank, and University Dining Services have exclusive rights. If they want to give out food, they must use our food service provider.
    5. Vendors may be asked to present samples of items they wish to sell, solicit, or make available to the campus community.
      • Items deemed not to comply with UW-Stevens Point policies will not be permitted. Alcohol or tobacco-related items will not be permitted.
    6. Concourse Table reservation requests must be received by the Conference and Event Services office.
    7. A maximum of two (2) tables will be available to external, non-university affiliated, organizations. The remaining five (5) tables will be reserved for student organizations and campus departments.
    8. Other areas, such as the outdoor pergola, may be utilized for vending with permission from the Conference and Event Services  office.
    9. The Dreyfus University Center is not responsible for storage or security of informational displays, fund raising materials, and/or vendor items or equipment.
    10. Organizations may not restrict the natural flow of traffic AND individuals staffing a concourse table must remain behind the designated table (as outlined by the purple carpet in the DUC) and are not allowed to approach individuals walking through the concourse.
    11. Vendors found not following the Dreyfus University Center vending policies will be asked to leave and forfeit all monies paid for vending table space. Vendors may be denied future vending space and/or use of the Dreyfus University Center concourse tables.
    12. The university reserves the right to deny service to organizations that have violated reservation policies or are not in good standing with the university until privileges have been reinstated by the Director of Conference and Event Services or their designee.

All events in the University Centers involving alcohol must comply with the UW-Stevens Point Alcohol Policy. Alcohol cannot be served, consumed, or carried in areas open to the public, such as walkways or lounges. For further details, please view the State and University Guidelines, linked here.

Please review the following decoration guidelines for spaces in the University Centers:

  1. Decorations should be freestanding or floor and tables arrangements
  2. Decorations are not to be taped, glued, or tacked to a wall, window, ceiling, or floor surface. Poster putty is allowed. Blue painters’ tape may be used on the brick walls in the Laird Room.
  3. Easels can be provided for an event to accommodate decorating and can be reserved through Conference and Event Services.
  4. Balloons must be secured at all times on the DUC concourse and in the Alumni Room. Unsecured balloons can potentially set off the building fire alarms system and may result in a fine from the Stevens Point Fire Department.
  5. Glitter, confetti, or sand is NOT allowed. Cleaning up of these items will be billed to the user of the space at $25.00 per hour with a four-hour minimum.
  6. Decorating supplies, set up, and tear down are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/group.
  7. In compliance with the UW System Risk Management requirements, candles are allowed in the University Centers only for catered events with approval from University Dining Services. Candles are only allowed for non-catered events for ceremonial or religious purposes and only with pre-approval.



Events that include paint must comply with the following guidelines:

  1. All surfaces where paint may be used need to be covered. This protective cover needs to be provided by the sponsor of the event; Conference and Event Services nor the DUC will provide this cover.
  2. No tools or other items used for painting may be washed in the restrooms on campus, they need to be rinsed and washed in a maintenance sink. Access to a maintenance sink can be obtained by calling the Building Manager on duty at 715-340-4905.



General Information University Buildings Across Campus:

  1. Snacks, coffee, meals, and other food services can be catered to meeting rooms. *Please note that most academic rooms have food restrictions. All food and beverages for group functions that are consumed in university buildings, with the exception of CPS Cafeteria, athletic concessions, and residence halls, must be provided by and arranged with Catering Services.
  2. If beer or other alcohol is desired at a meeting or event, alcohol approval must be granted by University Dining Services according to alcohol – use guidelines. This approval is required before University Dining Services can serve any alcohol. Dining Services are the only servers of catered alcohol anywhere on the UW-Stevens Point campus.
  3. Student organization wishing to sell food items on campus, must complete one of the following forms:
    1. Food Sales Permit and Liability Waiver – to sell food on campus
    2. Liability Waiver (Food) – to bring in non-dining services food
  4. Any University department or student organization can reserve space for sales purposes but must first secure a sales registration form the Student Involvement and Employment Office. If food or beverage is being sold, a food waiver from Dining Services is also required.
  5. A/V and Tech Use:
    1. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to notify the Conference and Event Services Office whenever A/V or technology in academic classrooms will be used or will be needed. A minimum of one week in advance is needed for scheduling purposes.
    2. There is no charge for the use of existing A/V and technology equipment in academic classrooms, however equipment usage policies may vary by room (A/V and technology equipment such as TV/VCRs, overhead projectors, etc). However, many rooms on campus have locked technology cabinets which may only be accessed by a UW-Stevens Point faculty member who is knowledgeable in the use of the technology, or by hiring a technician from the Programs Services Office. Only UW-Stevens Point faculty, staff, and Program Services technicians are allowed to check out keys to those cabinets and monitor the equipment’s usage. Faculty and UW-Stevens Point staff wanting to use the technology in rooms with locked cabinets must make that request through Conference and Event Services and be connected with either IT support staff or Program Services technician in order to be trained on proper use of the equipment.

A deposit of 50% of total Facility Use Fees is required for each room reserved. Spaces will not be guaranteed until the deposit is received. In the event of a cancellation, refunds will be processed as follows: a refund of the entire deposit will be made for spaces cancelled 60 days in advance of the event date; for cancellations 30 days in advance a 50% deposit will be processed; and for cancellations made less than 30 days in advance the entire deposit amount will be forfeit for cancelled space.

To reserve event parking, please let your event coordinator know the number of park spots needed. Full day parking permits can be purchased for $6/car and half day permits can be purchased for $3/ car. These charges will be added to your overall conference bill.

The Conference and Event Services office reserves the right to change room reservations in order to maximize use of the Dreyfus University Center for all users. This office also reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation that conflicts with the general policy and educational mission of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. This office reserves the right to deny service to the organizations that have violated reservation policies or are not in good standing with the university until privileges have been reinstated by the Director of University Centers of their designee.

UW-Stevens Point Sponsorship: Requests for a UW-Stevens Point sponsored event must be made by an individual that is either:

  1. An official member of the recognized student organization/an officer listed on the organization SPIN page
  2. A paid staff person from a UW-Stevens Point department

Recognized student organizations or campus departments may not reserve space for other organizations for the purpose of lower rates. The organization or department sponsoring the event must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, attending, and financing the event. The Director of the University Centers or their designee reserves the right to evaluate and make final determination of appropriate ]rates. Violations will result in suspension of reservation privileges.

Professional Conferences and Meeting Spaces

Host your next professional conference or gathering at UW- Stevens Point. Our expansive venue allows for a larger gathering space with a variety of different breakout locations.

Out event technical support staff can provide a wide assortment of different audio-visual technologies to support your conference such as video conferencing systems, confidence monitors, projection, and in-house sound systems.

On Point catering has a menu perfectly curated for you conference or meeting with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-day snack options.

Overnight Camps and Conferences

Interested in hosting a summer camp at University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point?

The UW- Stevens Point campus offers a variety of resources for camp directors looking to host a camp on our campus. Many of our top-notch facilities and campus services are available for camp directors to take advantage of in order to help create quality experiences for their campers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing quality service and assistance to all of our camp directors from the start of the camp planning process to the execution of each camp.

UWSP offers a wide variety of on-campus facilities that camps may want to take advantage of. Some of these facilities include on-campus housing and dining facilities, outdoor and indoor recreation facilities, banquet spaces, classrooms, theater space, and much more.

UW-Stevens Point also hosts a wide variety of summer camps; from STEM to music to athletics to dance, there are opportunities for all tweens and teens to enjoy. To learn more about current UWSP camp offerings, follow the link below:

Alumni Room ceremony in black and white, bride and groom kissing

Private Events and Weddings

Ready to throw the party of the century? We are here to help!

UW- Stevens Point is ready to host a wide variety of parties and events in our various event spaces. We have everything from beautiful banquet halls, traditional wedding reception spaces, unique and industrial event space, theaters, and so much more. Come visit and take a tour of all the reservable event space that might be right for your needs.

Some parties we can help you host include:

Wedding Receptions | Wedding Ceremonies | Bridal Showers | Baby Showers | Quinceanera’s | Birthday Parties | Graduation Parties | Retirement Parties | Reunions | Holiday Parties | And so much more!