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Current Student Stories


UW-Stevens Point faculty are invested in student success. Who better to share their advice for having a successful Pointer journey than our current students. Here are some of their stories:

COLS Student Stories

Junior, Political Science

Zoe Boyd

Zoe Boyd developed her own support network when she began her Pointer journey. What she would tell an incoming student is how crucial it is to stay on top of course assignments and engage in class discussions. In her experience, faculty are invested in your success and willing to work with you to help students manage their coursework.
Dominick Reyes is working toward becoming a licensed clinical social worker to offer holistic solutions to those who need help, inspired by those he saw helping his brother with autism.
Senior, Social Work

Dominick Reyes

Whether volunteering off campus or working at the Multicultural Resource Center, Dominick Reyes thrives helping others. He works hard to ensure that our students always feel included whether it’s in conversation or in community. Read about his journey to work as a licensed social worker.
Senior, Philosophy and Psychology

Carmen Morgan

Carmen Morgan is a double major in psychology and philosophy, as well as a peer adviser for the Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC). She actively engages in research. Her passion is in understanding others.
Senior, Psychology: Human Services

Jenna Somers

Jenna is a non-traditional student from Iola. She just completed two internships shadowing different counselors. She works as a peer coach in the TLC and enjoys meeting and supporting people from all walks of life.
Geospatial Sciences

Sabrina Hendry

Physics and Theater Arts

Emma Deal

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