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Scholarships in the College of Letters and Science

The College of Letters and Science has student scholarships available in all departments, thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and UW-Stevens Point alumni.

Available Scholarships and Awards

$2,003 in first year; amount varies. Granted to a high achieving student with financial need whose major resides in the College of Letters and Science.  

Charles P. Sweet was the son of Karen and Ron Sweet (UWSP Class of 1964). He was born in San Jose, California and lived most of his life in Illinois. He attended Glenbard East High School in Lombard and Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. He passed away unexpectedly, at age 38. This scholarship was established to provide a legacy for a life cut short.

Amount varies. Granted to full-time students with a class level of senior. Provides financial assistance to successful undergraduate in the College of Letters and Science who have demonstrated imagination, leadership, and determination to launch a career that will positively impact society. The scholarship is for students nearing graduation who may have to withdraw from the university and forego graduation without timely financial assistance.

Monica Christen and her husband, Loren Crabtree, made an initial gift to create an endowment for students at risk of not graduating for financial reasons. They value higher education and want to help struggling students as much as possible.

$500.  Awarded to an outstanding major in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics or natural science. Junior standing or above, must be a returning student.

$250. Presented to a student with sophomore standing or above (not a graduating senior or graduate student); enrolled in a major in the College of Letters and Science or minoring in Women’s Studies or Peace Studies; in good academic standing; demonstrated financial need; submit a 500-word essay addressing the selection criteria.

A commitment to social justice is defined by:

  • A sense of social responsibility toward others
  • Working together with others and society as a whole toward a society where individuals are physically and psychologically safe, can develop their full potential, and interact with each other in civil and productive ways.

Engaged citizenship is characterized by:

  • Knowledge and understanding of democracy’s conceptual and historical roots
  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues and events
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to learn and experience the core processes of civic engagement
  • Commitment to act – to become engaged in the life of the community beyond basic volunteerism

The S-STEM Scholars program aims to increase STEM degree completion of high achieving, low-income undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. The S-STEM Scholars program will provide a renewable last-dollar scholarship (up to $10,000 after all other grants and scholarships have been taken into account) to eligible incoming first-year students who have applied to UW-Stevens Point for Fall 2024 and are majoring in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry through graduation (up to eight semesters of support). Learn More. Apply by March 1st , 2024