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UW-Stevens Point Suzuki programs teach using the philosophical principles and music education methods developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. We nurture, motivate and inspire students, parents and teachers to incorporate these principles into their lives. At the heart of the Suzuki philosophy is the idea that everyone has talent and can become a successful, sensitive and caring person through the study of music in the Suzuki method. The method treats music education in the same way that people learn to speak their native language; through listening, imitation and repetition in a positive, nurturing learning environment. The emphasis is on musical and personal growth through individual and group instruction which develops technique, musicianship and kind hearts. 

The Suzuki programs at UW-Stevens Point were founded by Margery Aber in 1967. The Aber Suzuki Center (ASC) is housed in state-of-the-art facilities in the Noel Fine Arts Center on the UWSP campus as well as satellite locations in neighboring cities.

Of Aber Suzuki Center students who are adult learners.
Students from 30 Wisconsin communities served by Aber Suzuki Center.
Aber Suzuki Center faculty who hold advanced degrees and have extensive Suzuki training.
Aber Suzuki Center Class

Aber Suzuki Center

American Suzuki Institute

July 14-20 and July 21-27, 2024


The Suzuki method is based on the premise that all children are born with talent. This talent can be developed in the same way they learn to speak their native language: at home, in a nurturing family-centered environment. With the guidance of excellent teachers and the support of parents, Suzuki students learn to make music in the same way they learn to speak— by listening and imitating.

Dr. Suzuki stated that the purpose of his approach to educational philosophy was not only to study music, but also to foster the development of well rounded, compassionate, intelligent, and peace-loving human beings.

Many Suzuki students continue with lifelong involvement in music, and some go on to pursue professional careers in music. The excellent training available in the UWSP Suzuki programs provides a foundation of skills and depth of character that serves each student well in the pursuit of any life-goals they set for themselves.

ASI Tree of Life

ASI Tree of Life

The “ASI Tree of Life” is a creation that was commissioned to celebrate 50 years of growth of the American Suzuki Institute. In 1971, Margery Aber, inspired by Shinichi Suzuki, planted the seed for the Institute. In this online version, the names off all of the faculty who have taught at ASI in these first 50 years are listed below the interactive tree. The leaves represent present-day families, alumni and friends whose lives have been touched by ASI and who support the ongoing process of Celebrating the Past – Shaping the Future.

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