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Learning in biology is not confined to coursework. One of the hallmarks of the UW-Stevens Point Department of Biology is our commitment to faculty-mentored undergraduate research. A high percentage of our students participate in laboratory and field research projects with Biology faculty mentors. Many students also spend the summer conducting research at UW-Stevens Point and at a variety of cooperating institutions.
Students interested in gaining research experience at UW-Stevens Point should talk to their advisor or contact one of the researchers listed below.

Faculty and Staff Research Interests Overview

Sarah Jane Alger
Behavioral Neuroscience
Ecology and Evolution of Plant Mating Systems; Life History Theory; Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics
Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Plant Genetics, Antibiotic and Toxin Production by Bacteria and Fungi
Algal and Plant Physiological and Community Ecology; Ultrastructural Phylogeny of the Algae
Female Reproduction, Ovarian Folliculogenesis, Reproductive Toxicology and the Impact of Hormones on Memory and Behavior
Neurophysiology; Molecular & Behavioral Neurobiology; Brain Function Following Alcohol Exposure
Case Studies on Human Genetic Disorders, Genetics of Tick-borne Pathogens
Lindsay Dresang
Tumor Virology; Teaching-As-Research
Plant Systematics, Bryology, Ethnobotany
Development of Cell & Molecular Biology Experiments for Undergraduates
Diversity and Phylogeny of Freshwater Mollusks
Fish Ecology, Aquaculture, Aquatic Community Interactions
Applied Insect Ecology, Plant-Insect Interactions, Insect Management
Parasitology, Wetland Habitats, General and Applied Parasite Ecology
Taxonomy, Anatomy, Morphology, Evolution of Tropical Grasses; Especially Bamboos. Rare Vascular Plant Inventories
Matthew Rogge
Fish Pathogens and Disease, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Bacterial Protein Secretion Systems, Host-pathogen Interactions
Ecology, Ornithology, Raptor Ecology
Cell Biology of Amoeboid Motility (how cells crawl); Reproductive Biology
Species Boundaries in Fishes; Phylogeography; Phenology; Curation of Fluid Vertebrate Collections
Paleoecology; Plankton Ecology; Limnology; Climate Change; Biology Education
Physiological and Pathological Xylem Anatomy, Plant Ecophysiology and Plant Photomorphogenesis
Community Ecology, Medical Ecology, Systematics of Mammals​
Effects of Climate Change on Ectotherms; Animal Physiological Ecology; Ecomorphology ​
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