Christopher Hartleb, Ph.D.

Professor of Fisheries Biology
Co-Director, Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility (NADF)

Office: TNR 0442
Phone: (715) 346-3228
Fax: (715) 346-3624


Ph.D., Zoology - University of Maine (1996)
M.S., Zoology - University of New Hampshire (1992)
B.S., Biology - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1990)


Bio 306 - Ecological Methods
Bio 375/575 - Fisheries Ecology
Bio 386/586 - Aquaculture/Fish Culture
Bio 498 - Introduction to Aquaponics


Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility

Professional Affiliations

  • American Fisheries Society – Education & Fish Culture Sections (AFS)
  • World Aquaculture Society (WAS)
  • U.S. Aquaculture Society (USAS)
  • Wisconsin Aquaculture Association (WAA)
  • Wisconsin Aquaculture Industry Advisory Council
  • USDA/North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC)​ – Technical Committee (Research)

Research Areas

Most of my research projects deal with fisheries ecology and aquaculture in the Midwest. I examine the practice of fish culture and physiological behavior of WI fishes. Current projects include topics such as fish pond trophic dynamics, development of new cultured fish strains, new aquaculture technologies, aquatic diseases, and lake surveys. As Co-Director of the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility (NADF) I oversee research projects such as a collaboration with the Ohio State University field testing a new genetic strain of yellow perch, development of hybrid walleye grown in recirculating aquaculture systems, and feed comparison trials for various cultured fish. I also co-administer the aquaculture outreach and extension program at the NADF where we strive to get applied research projects results directly to fish farmers. This includes projects involving online education, beginning aquaculture workshops, technology transfer, and biosecurity. I also continue to work with the feeding ecology of the early life-history stages (i.e. larval) of yellow perch (fry) in fish culture ponds and the use of pond fertilization to improve the production of farm-raised fish.

Honors and Awards

  • Excellence in Scholarship, Department of Biology, UWSP – 2007, 2005, 2000, 1999
  • University Scholar, UWSP – 2005
  • Excellence in Teaching, Department of Biology, UWSP – 2002​

Select Publications

2012 Hartleb, C.F., A. Johnson and J.A. Held. 2012. Walleye and yellow perch pond fertilization. In Pond Fertilization: Impacts of Nutrient Input on Aquaculture Production (Charles C. Mischke, ed), Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Ames, IA.
2009 Fischer, G.J., C.F. Hartleb, J.A. Held, K. Holmes, and J. Malison. 2009. Evaluation of brook trout in a coldwater recycle aquaculture system. Aquacultural Engineering 41: 109-113.
2005 Malison, J.A. and C.F. Hartleb. 2005. A Manual of Best Management Practices for Aquaculture in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region. University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Madison, WI.
2004 Hartleb, C.F. 2004. Floating raceways used to raise yellow perch at cranberry farms. Aquaculture Magazine, Jan/Feb. p. 18-24.
2003 Hartleb, C.F. 2003. Food chain dynamics and diets of larval and post-larval yellow perch in culture ponds. In Proceedings of Percis III: The Third International Percid Fish Symposium (Barry, T.P. & J.A. Malison, Eds.), University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Madison, WI.
2000 Hartleb, C.F. and S.A. Timm. 2000. Survival and hatching success of stonefly eggs (Paragnetina media) following ingestion by three stream fishes. Journal of Freshwater Ecology, 15(1): 107-114.
1998 Hartleb, C.F. and J.F. Haney. 1998. Use of a thermal and light refugium by Daphnia and its effects on foraging pumpkinseeds. Environmental Biology of Fishes 51: 339-349.
1995 Hartleb, C.F. and J.R. Moring. 1995. An improved gastric lavage device for removing stomach contents from live fish. Fisheries Research 24: 261-266.
1995 Hartleb, C.F. 1995. Designing research projects with little funding. Fisheries Vol. 12, No. 3, p. 38.
1993 Hartleb, C.F., J.D. Madsen and C.W. Boylen. 1993. Environmental factors affecting seed germination in Myriophyllum spicatum L. Aquatic Botany 45: 15-25.

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