Advising Resources for Faculty & Staff

Advising Resources at UWSP

Advising Policy (excerpt from the University Handbook: Chapter 5, Section 3)
Advising Syllabus (from ACAC)
Advising Information & Registration Dates (for students, from Registration & Records)
Other Important Dates (from Registrar's Office)
GPA Calculator (from Registrar's Office)
Long list of FORMS (from Registrar's Office)
List of Majors / Minors (from Admissions)

Professional Academic Advising Associations & Publications

The Mentor (journal published at Penn State University)
Academic Advising (home)
Advising Resources for Faculty & Staff
Promoting Student Success
Academic Probation
Advising Definition, Mission, Vision, and Values
Academic Advising External Review
Summer Advising Task Force Memo
Financial Aid
Office of the Registrar
Career Services
Disability & Assistive Technology Center (DATC)
Counseling Center
Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC)
Tutoring-Learning Center (TLC)
Student Services at UWSP