Requesting Software for Computer Labs

You can request software to be installed in campus computer labs for courses or departmental tools. The Network Menu contains software for Windows computers in computer labs. Software on Macs in computer labs as well as large applications for Windows computers will be installed on the local hard drives rather than on the network.

Computer Lab Software Request Deadline
You may submit a computer lab software request at any time. At this time please submit requests for the Summer and Fall 2008 semesters by May 5, 2008. The earlier we receive a request, the higher the likelihood it will be ready for the start of the semester in which you need it.

Submit Computer Lab Software Requests Here

NOTE: The work order system is only available from computers connected to the UWSP network.

Purchasing and Licensing
NOTE: This site is not intended for purchasing or obtaining software, but merely for having software placed in Windows Network Menu or on Macs in campus computer labs. When purchasing software and/or licenses, it is strongly recommended you work with our Software Purchaser/Licensing Coordinator. Depending on the type of software and the available licensing agreements, an application may be "locked-down" to the number of purchased licenses by our software licensing monitor, KeyServer. Computer Lab software submissions must conform to their respective licensing agreements.

Contact Information
If you have questions about purchasing software, please contact IT Purchasing.
If you have questions about the your software request, please contact the IT Application Manager.

When will your requested software be available?
There are several factors that come into play in determining when your requested software will be installed in computer labs. Some requests can be processed in a day, while others may take a month or more. Our goal is to have requested software in the Network Menu or on Mac and PC hard drives within two weeks of receiving the software. To accomplish this goal, we ask that you carefully consider the following issues involving the time it takes to process your request.
  • When does IT receive the software?
    • It is imperative that you get the software to us in a timely manner. The online request form is for notification and documentation purposes. When we receive a request, we consider it a "heads-up" for a piece of software that we will soon be receiving. The longer it takes to get the software, the longer it takes to put it in the Network Menu or on the lab hard drives.
  • How many requests are ahead of yours?
    • Believe it or not, this is the number one reason for delays, especially near the beginning of Spring and Fall semesters. We process as many as 20 applications per semester, each having their own quirks to contend with. To remedy this, you should request your application by the dates specified in our Message of the Day each semester. This gives us more time to look over the software, and make sure it will work correctly in our environment.
  • Is the software compatible with Windows XP or Mac OSX?
    • We sometimes receive requests for applications originally developed for older versions of Windows or Mac OS. Some of these applications may still work under Windows XP or Mac OSX, however there is a likelihood they will not.
  • Can the software be run with User and/or Power User permissions?
    • For one reason or another, applications sometimes require elevated user privileges. We can often accommodate this need when higher privileges are desired for a specific file, or directory. We will absolutely not elevate user privileges for a critical system directory such as "C:\WINDOWS". This would significantly compromise workstation and network security.
  • How large is the software package?
    • Software that consumes more hard drive space often takes longer to process. Most packages of this nature will be installed locally on computer lab workstations, rather than on the Network Menu. Loading software on hard drives takes longer than installing software on the Network Menu.