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About Di​ning and Summer Conferences

​Dining and Summer Conferences is the largest student employer on campus with students comprising over 92% of our team. We serve 1.3 million meals per year to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We place a strong emphasis on quality, value, student employment, and sustainability. Read more about who we are​.

Our Mission

As a student focused organization, Dining and Summer Conferences enhances the educational experience by creating sustainable meals and nourishing a diverse community.

Our Vision

Dining and Summer Conferences seeks to bring diversity to the table through engaging the campus community with innovative hospitality.​

Press Room

Dining and Summer Conferences won Honorable Mention at NACUFS for Special Event - Residential Dining with Native Wisconsin.  We also Silver for Catering Event with Super Star Dinner in collaboration with NFAC.

DSC Annual Report 2015-2016

Check out our report for the previous school year: View Report​