Lead the Pack is an outdoor-based orientation program for incoming college students that allows participants to meet new friends and learn about college life during an exciting 3-day adventure at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.


At the end of the course, students were asked the following questions regarding their 2013 Lead the Pack experience. Here are some of their answers!


Please explain how this course has made you more comfortable with your transition from a high school student to a college student.

"This course has made me more comfortable with transitioning from a high school student to a college student because I got to hear testimonials from the counselors and knew first hand what to expect."

"This course helped me see all the opportunities UWSP has to offer and got me to join a few different clubs. It also showed me that everyone was in the same situation I was when I first started, nervous and lost, but this class helped me see that everyone on campus is so nice and always willing to help."

"This course helped my transition from high school to college because it helped me to meet many new friends whom I hang out with all of the time. That was a great aspect."


What advice would you give next year's incoming first-year students to assist them with their transition into college life? What type of information from this class or from your overall experience as an incoming first-year student is most important for new first-year students?

"I would probably tell next year's incoming first-year students to just relax. There are people all over campus who are willing to help you if you need help. Take Lead the Pack. It was beneficial. The most important information I could learn was how you need to take leadership of yourself in college because you are living on your own but there are always people who are willing to help you."

"I would suggest to incoming first-year students to try new things and put themselves out there. I believe joining clubs is a great way to really feel a connection to campus and transition from high school to college. I made some of my closest friends from the Lead the Pack class. I think making new friends and definitely focusing on your studies is key to making the best of UWSP."

"I encourage new first-year students to join Lead the Pack. It was a great experience and helped me to meet new friends. As a first-year student I learned it is important to go to the welcome events and get to meet people. Don't just sit in your dorm room because you will start to feel all alone."


Would you recommend Lead the Pack to first-year students coming next year?

"Yes, totally, it was a great experience and awesome activities."

"Yes, I would recommend Lead the Pack! It made me so excited to start my college experience and it was a lot of fun!"

"I would definitely recommend the Lead the Pack class to first-year students coming next year. I thought that camp was a lot of fun and it helped me make new friends that are currently my closest friends at UWSP."


Hear from the students themselves about the Lead The Pack experience! Here is a link to their videos summarizing their times at CWES. Lead The Pack youtube videos

Lead the Pack

Lead the Pack helps provide first-year UWSP students with a smooth transition into the college community. In a fun yet challenging environment, students develop leadership skills, form lasting relationships with peers, and learn about college life from current students. Lead the Pack activities are outdoor-based and engaging, leaving participants ready to meet the school year with new friends, and with confidence.


Staff at Lead the Pack are made up of a diverse group of college students who are eager to share their wisdom, mistakes, and experiences from UWSP and other universities. Lead the Pack participants partake in “real talk” question and answer sessions with their peer mentors, as well as informal time talking and bonding during the program. A former Lead the Pack participant noted that “every question that I had (about college) before coming to Lead the Pack was answered, and now that I am here I can honestly say that everything they said was right.”

Former Participants

Past Lead the Pack participants are actively involved in more than 20 clubs and organizations on campus, including: Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Disc Golf Club, Historical Preservation Student Society, International Interior Design Student Association, National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, Newpoint News, Student Government Association, and Stevens Point Student Television. 


Students will enroll in a one credit course to follow through on their three day summer adventure.  This course covers topics on student involvement, residential life, student support opportunities, and healthy campus recreation.


To register for a Lead the Pack program, complete the registration form and return it with a $200 payment to:

Central Wisconsin Environmental Station

10186 County Road MM

Amherst Junction, WI 54407

Checks can be made out to the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.

When you register for classes at summer orientation, make sure to also register for NRES 120: Orientation to Campus Life.