Focal Point Annual Conference -- Paper-Based Food Packaging and Serviceware

Presentation previews

Below, read brief outlines of planned presentations; additional presentation summaries will be posted shortly. See profiles of presenters on the Speakers page.
"Kwik Trip's Mission-Focused Culture," Steven Wrobel, Public Relations, Kwik Trip
  • The Importance of Culture in the Workplace
  • Hiring for good fit
  • Celebrate the stories
  • Relationships make the difference
  • Your work has purpose
"How McDonald's is Using its 'Scale For Good,'" Jessica Marshall, Manager, Global Sustainability, McDonald's
  • Reviewing McDonald’s "Scale For Good" goals
  • Overview of the packaging and recycling pillar 
  • Overcoming challenges on the way to 2025
  • Working across the value chain
"Barrier Concepts," Anne Rutanen, Innovation Manager, CP Kelco
  • Barrier concepts: factors taken into account during barrier concept introduction and development
  • Sustainability of the portfolio: biobased, biodegradability, etc.
  • Product functionality through practical examples with different paper grades (KIT values and grease resistance after creasing)
"The Obstacles for MRFs Regarding Foodservice Packaging in Relation to Poly Coated Cups and Cartons," Christine Miller, Director, Adams County Solid Waste and Recycling
  • Capture
  • Material amounts
  • End markets
  • Consumer awareness
  • Contamination
  • Successes
  • Next steps
"Recycling of Foodservice Packaging," Natha Dempsey, President, Foodservice Packaging Institute
  • Overview of FPI and its recovery work
  • Overview of what’s going on with recycling of paper foodservice packaging, in particular poly coated paper cups
  • Challenges and opportunities with paper foodservice packaging

"A Closed Loop Fiber Future: Developing a Sustainable, Circular Supply Chain," Mark Bond, Recycled Fibers Sales Manager, Sustana
  • With expected continued growth in packaging, consumers and sustainable companies will continue to demand a transition from packaging material disposition to packaging material recycling and re-use.
  • Systemic change to material sourcing of fiber is needed and is coming.
  • The breadth of packaging materials made with recycled fibers from post-consumer material continues to expand.
  • The shift toward re-use of post-consumer packaging materials for re-incorporation into food grade packaging is now a reality as post-consumer packaging materials are emerging as effective sustainable alternatives.
  • We will discuss active initiatives to close the loop in fiber-based packaging and near-term opportunities and challenges for further development of a circular supply chain.

"Repulpability Comparison of Paraffin vs Bio-Wax," Jim Fogg, Solenis
  • Paper treated with bio-wax has significantly higher yields than paper treated with paraffin after repulping
  • Bio-wax stays attached to fiber better than paraffin
  • Bio-wax improves fiber water repellency after repulping
  • Bio-wax has a larger impact on paper strength than paraffin
"Changing Landscape of Paper for Food Packaging and Serviceware Use," Paul Fowler, WIST
  • Overview of paper-based food packaging and serviceware applications 
  • Megatrends shaping the food packaging/serviceware sector
  • Aspects impacting the sector including regulation, innovation, end-of-life management
  • The opportunity for paper/fiber-based solutions

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