Focal Point 2017 Paper-Based Food Packaging and Serviceware

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2017 Conference Overview:

Brand owners and their customers generally prefer the natural look and feel of paper- and paperboard-based food packaging and serviceware compared to plastic products. Existing favorable environmental characteristics enhance the appeal, and these products have high potential for even greater environmental advantages when it comes to end-of-life management. On the other hand, performance sometimes is regarded as inferior to plastic in certain applications. But that is changing as innovative coatings emerge from the laboratory and into the marketplace, creating potential for greater market penetration for paper- and paperboard-based products in the food industry.

This conference will:

  • Provide brand-owner perspectives on paper-based food packaging and serviceware items
  • Provide insights from leading converting companies about future needs and trends in paper and paperboard packaging
  • Describe a number of innovations targeting superior performance
  • Cover end-of-life management practices that improve environmental footprints
  • Provide regulatory insights on paper-based food packaging and serviceware

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