Focal Point Annual Conference -- Paper-Based Food Packaging and Serviceware

Planning for the 2019 conference is underway. Check back regularly for details on the program.
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Conference Overview:

Paper-based food packaging and serviceware have authenticity and sustainability attributes that help build compelling stories for brands and end-users. Sustainable sourcing from renewable raw materials along with a slew of end-of-life management options have long favored the use of paper. Now, new innovations in coatings, laminates, and fiber processing are enabling ever more sophisticated performance applications of paper and paperboard in food-contact applications. Yet, there is much more to be done: This conference will build on previous years’ events to seek out the challenges and next opportunities for paper-based food packaging and serviceware applications. A range of expert speakers from throughout the supply chain will provide thought-provoking insights with an ultimate goal of realizing step-change increases in the demand for paper-based food packaging and serviceware.

This conference will:

  • Offer brand-owner perspectives on paper-based food packaging and serviceware items 
  • Provide insights from leading converting companies about future needs and trends in paper and paperboard packaging 
  • Reveal manufacturers’ efforts to innovate their products and processes
  • Describe a number of innovations targeting superior performance
  • Cover end-of-life management practices that improve environmental footprints

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 Focal Point Sponsors

Put your organization’s name in good company: become a Focal Point sponsor. This annual conference brings together industry decision-makers, product research and development team members and product marketing specialists. We anticipate an audience drawn from paper and paperboard manufacturers and converters, suppliers of chemicals and polymers to the paper and paperboard industries, brand owners and the QSR sector. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, email