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Suicide Threats and Attempts​

Contact the UW-Stevens Point Counseling Center, 715-346-3553, for confidential assistance in all suicide threats or with general questions or concerns.

​Response and Prevention

 Prevention Resources

​24-Hour Crisis Assistance    1-866-317-9362

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

IMAlive: live online chat

 Response to Suicide Threats or Concerns

When a threat is immediate, but no suicide attempt has actually occurred, stay with the person or have someone stay with the person and get immediate assistance.

Contact any of the following for assistance:

Applicable Hall Director 

Residential Living Director

Dean of Students (for students) 715-346-2611


University Police and Security Services 715-346-3456

UW-Stevens Point Counseling Center 715-346-3553


Establish a caring, supportive, assuring, accepting and firm relationship. Elicit suicidal thoughts and do not remain vague. If the person says, “I wish I were dead,” respond, “Are you thinking of suicide?” You will not contribute to a suicide by discussing these feelings directly; you may well prevent a suicide.

When the suicide threat is not immediate, but suggested, identify with the person a contact for support. Make sure to regularly follow up with them. Refer the person to the UW-Stevens Point Counseling Center or a treatment center of their choice.  
Ensure the individual has a list of professional agencies to contact for assistance:
24-Hour Crisis Assistance                         1-866-317-9362
University Police                                           715-346-3456
St. Michael’s Hospital Emergency Room    715-346-5100
Stevens Point Police Department                715-346-1500
In Case of Emergency 9-1-1 

 Response After Suicide Attempt

If a suicide attempt has already been made, follow the Medical Emergencies response procedures. Perform first aid if trained. Attempt to get the details of the timing and method (i.e., item ingested, amount taken, weapons used, etc.).

After emergency responders have arrived, contact the following as applicable:
For students living in a residential hall:
Contact respective Residence Hall Director
For student suicide attempts:
Contact Dean of Students at 715-346-2611
For staff suicide attempts on campus:
Contact Human Resources Director 
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Emergency  911

​24-Hour Crisis Assistance

UW-Stevens Point Counseling Center 715-346-3553

University Police and Security Services


St. Michael's Hospital ED


Stevens Point Police Dept.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

live online chat


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