Student Organization Mailbox Information

A student organization email account has all the same functionality of a personal email account but is displayed as the name of the student organization. (ex: Chess Club)  All recognized student organizations have an email account automatically.

(Please note that when the words 'student organization' or 'organization' are used below, unless otherwise specified, it means a recognized student organization according to the standards set by the Student Involvement and Employment Office.)

Student Organization email mailboxes and member distribution lists are created automatically for all student organizations based on information in the Student Organization Database (SOD).  The advisor, president and the treasurer of each organization have the ability to designate what officers should have access to the email account and member distribution list for the organization.  Additionally, all advisors are automatically granted access to the email resources for an organization. For information on the organizations distribution lists click here.

The email mailbox for the organization itself is added to the member distribution list automatically.

Benefits of a Student Organization Mailbox

  • Any messages sent from the organization's email account have the organization's name in the "From" line of the message.
  • Messages sent from the organization generally get more attention than if they are sent from someone's personal mailbox.
  • People don't have to know the name of the organization's officers in order to communicate with the organization.
  • Use the organizations email address on the organization's web page for consistency across semesters.
  • Organization officers personal mailbox quota is not "filled up" with organization-related messages/business.
  • Messages pertinent to the organization are available to elected officers year after year, thus easing transition difficulties.
  • Only recognized student organization mailboxes can be granted permission to send out large mailings to class, major and minor distribution lists.

Maintain Access to Student Organization Email 

Information for student organization presidents, treasurers, and advisors. 

Use the 'E-mail' check boxes in SOD for each officer to indicate whether they have access to the email mailbox for the organization.  Normally within 1 hour the checked officers and advisors will be able to access the email account for the organization. 

Advisors and authorized officers can send and read email for the organization's email account. 

Notification about changes to the email account are sent on a timely basis to all advisors and any officers that have been granted access to the mailbox.

Information in the email address book such as the organization address, telephone number, purpose and web page is based off of the information in SOD.

Student Organization E-Mail Mailbox Naming Convention

The UWSP Postmaster will select an appropriate 8-character (or less) mail nickname for the organization and enter that in SOD.  The email alias for the organization email mailbox and distribution lists will be created based on the nickname. 


Naming Convention for the Email Alias

Naming Convention for the Email Display Name



Email Account

Email alias assigned by Postmaster.  Has to be 8 characters or less.

The email display name matches the Long Name in SOD, unless the Long Name is over 47 characters, in which case the Short Name will be used.

Email Display Name: Adventure Racing Club Email Alias:  arc

The email alias is often referred to as the nickname or just as the alias. 

How Do You Access the Email Account?

Detailed instructions will be sent via email to all accounts authorized access to the account. Instructions are also available on the general email FAQ page.