Student Organization Distribution Lists

A student organization distribution list is a way for officers and/or organization members to communicate with each other (ex: Chess Club List).  Please note that when the words 'student organization' or 'organization' are used below, unless other specified, it means a recognized student organization according to the standards set by the Student Involvement and Employment Office.

Benefits of a Student Organization Distribution List

  • Appears more professional to the recipients to receive a message addressed to the organization's list than to a large group of individual members. 
  • More efficient than having several people maintain their own personal distribution lists for the membership.  Officers designated in Student Organization Database (SOD) have the ability to edit the list membership.
  • Permission to send to the list can be controlled. 
  • Easier than typing in each members' names in the To.. line in every message sent to the list.
  • Allows members to communicate with each other without having to know everyone who is a member.

Maintaining Student Organization Distribution Lists

Information for student organization presidents, treasurers, and advisors. 

Student Organization distribution lists are created automatically for all student organizations based on information in the Student Organization Database (SOD). The advisor, president and the treasurer of each organization have the ability to designate what officers should have access to the email account and member distribution list for the organization.  All advisors are automatically granted access to the email resources for an organization.

Student_Organization - Members Distribution List

Each organization has a member distribution list called 'Student_Organization - Members' list.  Use the 'E-Mail DL' check box next to each officer in SOD to indicate if they have the ability to edit the membership of this distribution list.   Within 1 hour, the new officers and advisors will be able to edit the membership of the member distribution list for the organization.  Anyone the advisors and officers add as a member to this list will receive a copy of messages that are sent to the list.  The email mailbox for the organization itself is added to the member distribution list automatically.

To restrict who can send messages to the 'Student_Organization - Members' list check the 'Restrict Access' field in SOD.  Normally within 1 hour, a second distribution list called 'Student_Organization - Senders' will be visible in the Outlook Address Book for the organization.  Only members of the 'Student_Organization - Senders' list have the ability to send to the 'Student_Organization - Members' list.  All advisors and officers that have the 'Email-DL' field checked in SOD will be able edit the membership of the 'Student_Organization - Senders' list.

Student_Organization - Adv Ofcr Distribution List

Each organization has an advisor/officer distribution list called 'Student_Organization - Adv Ofcr'.  All advisors and officers listed in SOD are automatically members of this list.  Messages sent to this list will be delivered to the organizations advisors and officers as listed in SOD. 

Please be sure to keep the advisor and officer information in SOD up-to-date.

Naming Conventions for Student Organization Distribution Lists

The UWSP Postmaster will select an appropriate 8-character (or less) mail nickname for the organization and enter that in SOD.  The email alias for the organization email mailbox and distribution lists will be created based on the nickname. 

Purpose Alias Display Name Examples

Member Distribution List


Long Name of Org List - Members

Display Name: Racing Club List - Members Email Alias:  dl-arc

Control Distribution List for Who Can Send to the Member Distribution List


Long Name of Org List - Senders

Display Name: Racing Club List - Senders Email Alias:  dls-arc

Advisor and Officer Distribution List


Long Name of Org List - Adv Ofcr

Display Name: Racing Club List - Adv Ofcr Email Alias:  dlo-arc

How Do You Edit a Distribution List?

Detailed instructions will be sent via email to all accounts authorized to edit the membership of the distribution list. Instructions are also available on the general email FAQ page.