Account FAQ​

First, make sure you are typing your password correctly. Click "Test Password" on the Manage your Account page.

 If you have verified that you are typing your password correctly, and you are still unable to log in, see FAQ "Why is my account locked", below.

If you continue to experience login problems, please contact the Service Desk.
Visit our UWSP Cached Password Management page. We have instructions for removing cached passwords from various web browsers and operating systems.
There are a number of reasons that your account can get locked out.  Below are some of the most common reasons.
  • You may have entered your password incorrectly 3-7 times within 30 minutes. Try waiting 30 minutes and try again.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.  Be sure you are including the proper upper and lower case characters. 
  • You changed your password, but failed to log off a campus computer or campus application immediately after doing so.  Log off of the campus computer or UWSP applications you are working with, Wait 30 minutes and try again.
  • Your UWSP password may be cached on your personal devices (laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc). You may need to try some of the following: 
    • Turn off all mobile devices, turn one device back-on, wait 30-60 min. to verify if the account is still getting locked. If it did not, turn on another device, wait 30-60 minute. Repeat the process until the device that is locking the account is identified and update settings on that device as necessary.
    • Delete your wireless cached password for your operating system.
    • Check for and delete UWSP cached passwords.
    • Delete your UWSP computer lab printer connection(s) from the Printers menu in the Control Panel. If you need to connect to a lab printer again, recreate the printer connection.
    • Mac Mail application users: Ensure your email account is updated to your new password to prevent lockouts.  This application runs in the background and retains your old password until updated.

If your account seems to get locked frequently and none of these reasons apply, please contact the Service Desk and we will troubleshoot the problem further with you.

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