Workers Compensation and Safety​

Workers Compensation

UWSP employees are covered under worker’s compensation for work related injuries/illnesses that occur within the course of employment and arise out of the employment. All injury/illness claims are subject to the provisions of the WI Worker’s Compensation Act. All work related accidents and incidents resulting in injury/illness must be reported to one’s supervisor immediately. Injury/Illness reports must be completed within 24 hours and submitted to the Risk Management Office, 101 George Stien Building. The report forms are routinely mailed out to all supervisors and may also be obtained through the UWSP Risk Management website or by contacting Worker’s Compensation Coordinator at ext. 2618. See Risk Management for more information or call ext. 2618 with any questions.

Safety Orientation

All employees are required to attend a safety orientation. The trainings take place on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month in the George Stein Building. Wednesday trainings are at 3pm and Thursday trainings take place at 9am. Please plan for the training to last an hour-hour and a half. For more information, please contact Human Resources or Walter Clark at ext. 2320.​