Applying to the School of Education

Prior to taking upper-division courses in the School of Education, students must be accepted into the Professional Education Program.

APPLICATION DEADLINES: Applications for the Professional Education Program are processed two times a year - February 22 and September 22. Applications are due the Friday prior to the deadline if the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Applications must be turned in to the School of Education Office, 469 CPS. There is no longer a separate portfolio requirement for the Department of History and International Studies. 

Decision letters are emailed within 4 weeks of the application deadline. Students who are denied admission are eligible to appeal the decision

The following requirements must be met BEFORE applying to the Professional Education Program. 

  • 24 Credits completed 

    Pass/fail credits, and courses below the 100 level are not included in the 24 credit requirement. Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, retroactive credits and credits by exam are included in the 24 credit requirement (if approved at UWSP). Students under 40 credits are granted “conditional admission” and are required to submit report cards until 40 credits are attained.

  • 2.75 Cumulative GPA from all accredited institutions attended

    Students who do not meet this requirement should read the exception policy

  • Current enrollment at UWSP

    Students not currently enrolled at UW-Stevens Point must include proof of admittance to UWSP with the application. 

  • Freshman English Requirement

    • Receive a B- or better in English 101 or 150 OR

    • Receive a 2.50 in English 101/102 or 101/202 OR

    • Receive a B- or better in English 250 OR

    • Test out of English 101 through department test-out exam or receive credit by examination. This does not include AP credit given for English 101 if English 150 is required. OR

    • Complete the required work in the Professional Competency Program - Writing. See personnel in 469 CPS to register. 

    • A completed bachelor's degree

  • Communication Skills Including Emerging Technology

    • Receive a passing grade in Education 205 lecture portion (or transfer equivalent) OR
    • Receive a passing grade in Communication 101 (or transfer equivalent) 

One of these courses must be completed in order to apply to the program. Courses “In Progress” do not meet the application requirement. 

  • Criminal Background Check - You must submit either a or b:

a) Request, print and attach a Wisconsin Department of Justice (Wisconsin DOJ) background check. We will accept a previous check that is no older than 6 months from the date you turn in your aplication. There is a small fee associated with this. It may take a few days to get this. Directions


b) If you have worked in a child care center and have had the DCF (Department of Children and Families) background check performed, including electronic fingerprints, you can attach your “letter of eligibility” from DCF if it is dated within the last 6 months from the date you turn in the application

  • Conduct Disclosure

Please be aware that you will be asked to self-disclose previous conduct-related matters during the School of Education application process. The existence of on-campus behavioral issues and/or a criminal record do not constitute an automatic bar to admission and will be considered only as it/they substantially relate(s) to the duties and responsibilities of the program and eventual licensure.

It is strongly recommended that students seeking admission to the Professional Education Program practice positive role-modeling behavior early in, and consistently throughout, their student career. It is important to note that students are responsible for their own behavior, as well as the behavior of their guests on campus.

Students with multiple, recent, and/or serious conduct histories may be required to meet with a committee in the Professional Education Program to discuss their behavior in order to determine admission status.

  • Disposition Expectations

Students admitted to the Professional Education Program will be expected to meet disposition expectations throughout the academic program.