The Wisconsin Center for Wildlife and the UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources invite you to the first seminar
in the Changing Climate of Natural Resources series

Hothouse Earth: How Wildlife are Responding to a Changing Climate

February 6, 2020

4 p.m. in Room 170, Trainer Natural Resources Building

With Dr. Ben Zuckerberg, Associate Professor
Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Modern climate change has wide-ranging effects on multiple species and ecosystems.
 I will present an overview of the impacts of climate change on wildlife populations in Wisconsin."

Dr. Benjamin Zuckerberg is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Ben was a latecomer to ecology, but in his undergraduate years, he quickly became fascinated by how birds respond to environmental change. Ben received his Masters from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and doctorate from the State University of New York where he then went on to serve as a research associate in citizen science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. His research focuses on how modern climate change and habitat loss influence wildlife behavior, abundance, and distribution. Members of his lab often work closely with natural resource managers to provide guidance on various aspects of climate change adaptation. Ben teaches a course on Climate Change Ecology and is a strong advocate for the role of citizen science in understanding how species will respond to the global pressures of the 21st Century.

Learn more about Dr. Zuckerberg's work, visit the Zuckerberg Lab website!