Natural Resource Planning

Phone: (715) 346-4617

(715) 346-4617

UW-Stevens Point Natural Resource Planning graduates at work

  • Patricia BoothCounty Planner, Monongalia County Planning Commission, Virginia
  • Brady StodolaLand Conservation Technician, Oconto County, Wisconsin
  • Kate DeMorestEnvironmental Analyst, SE Group, Colorado


Phone: (715) 346-4617

Choose Natural Resource Planning at UW-Stevens Point

Promote sustainability in natural and human communities with a degree in natural resource planning where you will integrate knowledge of natural science with social science and decision-making. Learn how to build healthier, more sustainable relationships between human systems and ecosystems by developing skills to:

  • facilitate community meetings,
  • assist landowners with conservation projects,
  • create new programs for conserving and redeveloping land,
  • and provide sound advice to elected officials.

You will acquire proficiency in spatial analysis, problem solving, as well as social and policy analysis through foundational and specialized courses in natural resources science, planning, and management. Capstone projects, a required internship, and a summer field experience provide additional hands-on, real-world experiences in all areas of natural resource management preparing you for a career in natural resource planning.

Career opportunities in Natural Resource Planning

​Natural Resource Planning graduates find jobs as:

  • Community Planners
  • Land Stewards
  • Assistant Planners
  • Land Use Planners
  • Environmental Planners
  • Conservation Technicians
  • Conservation Project Managers
  • Conservation Easement Program Managers
  • Natural Resource Specialist
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Environmental Policy Analyst

Building your résumé

Build your résumé through a required internship with an agency, local government, land trust, or consulting firm. Internships are one of the best ways for students to gain real world experience for academic credit.

Outside the classroom

​Participating in student organizations is a great way to get involved outside the classroom. UW-Stevens Point hosts more than 200 student organizations including the Land Conservation Society (LCS). LCS regularly hosts guest speakers and participates with land trusts and other organizations in field days to assist with trail maintenance and land stewardship.

Student support services

​Student success is our top priority and the College of Natural Resources Academic and Career Advising Center (CNR ACAC) is an excellent resource to help students reach graduation day.

Professional advisers and peer mentors are available Monday through Friday to answer questions about classes, advising, scholarships, internships etc.

The CNR ACAC also produces a weekly e-newsletter, the CNR Reporter, with information on upcoming presentations, student organization meeting times and other important happenings on campus.