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The following was posted to Message of the Day on Sept. 18, 2018

Canvas status, training, and roadmap

Status of the Canvas project

As of Sept. 18, we have 161 courses running in Canvas, with 3520 students enrolled in Canvas courses. 

There have been two issues documented with our implementation. Neither is severe enough to slow our implementation of Canvas going forward. These issues are:

  • Users who are enrolled in courses as the instructor of record, and who have a separate student account and are taking classes are enrolled in Canvas incorrectly.  This is an error in how we move data from Peoplesoft to Canvas. This error affected three users this semester and can be fixed through manual student enrollment by UWSP Canvas administrators. We are working on correcting this issue, but do not have a timeline for when it will be fixed.
  • Users report that they are unable to reply to Inbox messages from their Outlook mail. This is caused by the default email address being different from the email address that Canvas uses. This can be fixed by adding the long version of your email address to your Canvas account. We are working on correcting this issue, but do not have a timeline for when it will be fixed.


Student training. 

  • 12 face-to-face training sessions were offered over the last four weeks. We saw very low turnout at these sessions. We're discontinuing face-to-face student training for the duration of this semester; we will resume face-to-face student training sessions beginning in January. 
  • A Canvas orientation/training course for students is available for self-registration in Canvas.  We have had approx. 50 students register for the orientation / training course.  5 have completed it. Registration for the Student Orientation/training course is available at this link.

Instructor training.

  • 136 face-to-face instructor training sessions were held between April 20 and Sept 1. Approximately 200 instructors, (about 30%) have completed instructor training. 
  • Instructor face-to-face training sessions will resume on Oct. 16. These have been scheduled through Sept 1 2019.  Registration for face-to-face faculty training is available at this link. The format of the training is changing to three 60-minute sessions from 2 90-minute sessions to make it easier for instructors to fit training into their schedules.
  • An instructor training course is available for self-registration in Canvas.  We have had 16 instructors register for the online version of instructor training.  One has completed it. Registration for the online instructor training course is available at this link.


We will continue to follow our Canvas migration plan. 

  • Winter 2019 - All Winter Term courses should be offered using Canvas.  They will not be mapped in D2L. 
  • Spring 2019 - We will make a final decision about Spring semester by mid-October. Barring any unforeseen errors, Canvas will be open to any instructor that would like to use it. Spring 2019 will be the last semester that D2L will be available for courses.
  • Summer and Fall 2019 – all courses will be in Canvas. Courses will not be mapped in D2L.
  • D2L will remain available to comply with data retention requirements and to give instructors adequate time to export data until June 30, 2020.

Migration from D2L

  • We are able to help you move your course content from D2L into Canvas.  In our experience, it will be faster for you to import only your documents, quizzes, and question libraries and rebuild the rest from scratch in Canvas. 
  • Regardless of when you plan to start teaching in Canvas, you can start preparing your course now.  Please start moving early, we expect our resources to assist with Canvas course builds to be beyond capacity the closer we get to Fall 2019.  Sign up for an instructor training to get started.
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